September 14th 2019 Today Jim asked me if I wanted to go to the pub spontaneously so I did because I did. It did not take much persuading at all because I no longer take any persuading at all. It’s just.. would you like to? Yes. He came to pick me up. We went to get Oli.e and Oli went to get his Dad and his brother and it got more lit than I’d imagined. Until tomorrow, It was mad at the blunny. Jacn Continue reading Blunny


September 12th 2019 Today I had my training workshop on the first day of the marketing conference for which I am in Brighton. I found it quite useful, if not a bit warm. The air con was broken, you see. There was an icebreaker bit of which I was not a fan, but when the audience did not participate during the audience participation section I threw the lecturer a bone and offered up my suggestion, which is ordinarily difficult for me, but, after all, part of the reason I’m here. I feel like I learned a section of my job … Continue reading Networking


September 10th 2019 Today I’m really struggling to move my left arm. If the movement requires any rotation of the shoulder, I basically cannot do it. I’ve had a pain there for a few days, and it’s almost unbearable now. I think I somehow injured myself while napping, because I woke up mid-afternoon on Friday with a dead arm from it being locked underneath my torso and now, four days later, it’s completely fucked. Has anyone ever been injured from napping before? I doubt it. Unless you nap while driving, I guess, but don’t do that, people. I sleep on … Continue reading Injured


September 9th 2019 Today I was back to work after 10 days off, and 7 days golfing around Portugal. I won’t lie, and this is perhaps a controversial shout, and you might not believe this, but I think I’d rather be on a golf course in Portugal baking in the 30 degree heat than in an office in Gloucester hearing the rain beat against the window. I know, crazy right? It was always going to be hard to go back, but I’d also forgotten how much different the traffic is in September when the kids go back to school. So … Continue reading Bleaker