December 7th 2021 Today we cheated on Settebello with its next door neighbour. Greek On The Docks is a restaurant that has always looked nice, mostly due to its location, but one bad dining experience there four years ago has meant we’ve never been back. Today though, we did. I thought that we ordered perhaps the most obvious set of food possible: starters of halloumi, dolmades, and hummus, and main of souvlaki and kleftiko. I thought that until I walked to the bathroom and saw a table of five where every single one of them was eating a moussaka. Do … Continue reading Kleftiko


December 6th 2021 Today another thing broke. Things keep breaking around here. First my coffee machine, then my coffee grinder, now my washing machine. I know that machinery has a shelf life and, you know, planned obsolescence etc., but it’s annoying. Like, for the most part, I’m happy to just exist when things are working, and I do absolutely nothing to maintain that, because I assume everything will continue to work, but then stuff doesn’t work. And that’s annoying. I don’t have anything deep or insightful to say about any of this. I’m not sure how I could. Cosmically, they … Continue reading Break


December 5th 2021 Today I began to edit a video of footage I took at my niece’s baptism. I’ve been putting it off for a couple weeks because, since I dropped a beer on it, I don’t have a macbook anymore so thus don’t have video editing software. But today I decided to just take the plunge and buy Filmora, which is video editing software that seems kinda similar to iMovie, so I picked it up pretty quickly. In recent years it’s not something I’ve done at all, but there was a phase in my life where I made a … Continue reading Rounded


December 4th 2021 Today I was dragged around a ten mile run across the countryside. By dragged, I don’t mean it metaphorically as in it was not by my own will, I mean it literally as I was holding the lead of a terrier who is better equipped both in evolution and attitude to deal with sloppy mud giving way underfoot. To Bear Bear, it was her playground. Us humans, in our bipedal ways, found it difficult to navigate the boggy forest without losing a shoe or a hamstring. Bear and Stella, in their quadrupedal ways, didn’t. We ran out … Continue reading Valley


December 3rd 2021 Today I’ve been desperately trying to find the best use of the 6 days of annual leave I have which have to be used by the end of the year. The best use of them would have been to have taken them at some point earlier in the year, because really now I’m just going to waste them. I actually have 16 to use before the end of December. I can carry 7 over into next year, and I’ve booked the Christmas Gooch off, so which took me down to 6 days remaining. I looked up some … Continue reading Waste


December 2nd 2021 Today I ate some veg again. It’s been a while. I have had an unhealthy week or so. I’ve completely lost any desire to cook, so instead I’ve kinda just eaten. I have lived off bagels, cupcakes, and the four Roman pasta dishes. And, it seems, that ancient Romans were not fond of vegetables in their pasta. There are no peppers in cacio e pep. No onions in Aglio e Olio. No carrot in carbonara. it’s mostly just cheese, oil, and butter. And so I have been unhealthy. I’ve not drunk enough water, or left the flat … Continue reading Carrots


December 1st 2021 Today I went on a speed awareness course and it was actually not awful. I’ve heard stories of people going on these courses and being explained to in detail what a horrible person they are and shown traumatic videos of children in road traffic accidents, and, well, it wasn’t anything like that. It was basically just a refresher of the Highway Code. Which is kinda annoying, because it turns out I kinda already knew everything. Somehow I remembered the “there are no signs, but there are street lights” system for working out the speed limits on one … Continue reading Speed


November 30th 2021 Today I’d like to thank the three people who sent me messages explaining the new covid rules after my call for help in last nights blog. If I’d known that this blog had that kind of power I’d’ve started abusing it years ago. Please will you now send me money, or something to make for dinner. I’m not poor, I’m just too lazy and sad to make dinner. Oh wait it’s now 11pm. Where were you?? I ate cupcakes for dinner. That’s tragic. Or brilliant. Not sure. Anyway. Special mention to my sister for also sending me … Continue reading Messages


November 29th 2021 Today it seems possible that I’ve missed something. I’m not sure entirely what I’ve missed, but everyone in tesco was wearing masks again today, and the bread aisle was ransacked. I had to commit a modern day sin and buy bagels without sesame seeds! Shock! Horror! So, like, are we back to March 2020 again? Oh god for a second then I wondered “wait was it 2020 or was it 2019?” I kinda thought we were over the whole “Covid-19” thing but apparently we’re back to masks and panic buying. I mean, I say that, but for … Continue reading Mandate


November 28th 2021 Today I was not a contributing member of society. I did nothing to further the community. I did not put my efforts towards social, creative, or philanthropic measures. Instead, I watched the entirety of Squid Game and froze my balls off. Yes I put my heating on. But it was still cold as hell. That phrase doesn’t make a great deal of sense. I’m relatively sure I didn’t even leave the flat. One moment… No, I didn’t. Until tomorrow, night. Jacn Continue reading Contributing