July 15th 2019 Today I played football and realised that my base level of fitness is completely gone. I’m not a fantastic footballer, but the one thing that has always given me an advantage when I play five/six-a-side is that I can run fast, and I can run far. Well, I used to be able to. When everyone else was struggling towards the end of the match, I’d still be sprinting up and down the pitch, and that made me look better than I probably am. That’s gone now though, it seems. The reason my fitness has gone is that … Continue reading Puffed


July 13th 2019 Today I’ve gone straight from winning the Footgolf in Bristol to a night out in Swindon. It was messy, and tiring, and I am going to beD at an hour at which it would not be unreasonable to wake up, but I’m living. I wanted to skip the night out and call it a day when I got back from Bristol. But a swift power nap and some cajoling changed my mind, and there I was, with beer in hand and then vodka in hand, and then, inexplicably, rum in hand. When we got back to mine … Continue reading Rum


July 10th 2019 Today the moths are invading. It’s that time of year again where the little fuckers are everywhere. And because I sleep with my windows and my curtains open the little fuckers are even more everywhere. And I guess part of that is my fault but it’s also fucking warm, okay? If my windows weren’t open it’d be too hot. But with the window open it’s too moth. And, as everyone knows, they love light. So I’ll be led here in the dark on my phone or whatever and one of the little fluttery bastards will just land … Continue reading Moth