May 22nd 2022 Today was very similar to yesterday insofar as I did fuck all, and very much enjoyed it. I did leave the house today though, which was progress. Twice, actually. Did you know that Tesco opens at 9 on a Sunday but you can’t actually buy anything until 10? I didn’t. I showed up at 930 and thought I was high because there were no staff on the tills and a rope surrounded the self checkout. An employee eventually told me that because “it’s Sunday trading hours” they don’t take payment until 10. I asked why they even … Continue reading Trading


May 21st 2022 Today I had a much needed “day where I do nothing and don’t leave the house” day. I still managed to spend £500 though. Sam and I booked the courses we’re going to be playing when we go on our somewhat-annual-Cardiff-Uni-maths-boys-golf-holiday-reunion trip next month. I needed a lazy day today because with that trip upcoming, and the fact I’ve just bought a house, I should probably not be spending any money on things that don’t help me stay alive. Like food, or water, or gyoza. You know, the three basic human golf. I’m hoping that the people … Continue reading Necessities


May 20th 2022 Today I went out for a quiet one and, almost unbelievably… I actually had a quiet one. First, we ate an ungodly amount of food in Holee Cow (even including an alcoholic milkshake): Next, we went for literally one drink in Brewdog. I don’t think we’ve even been for just one drink in Brewdog. Then, we went to Lounge to play pool for a bit. I was the one to pot the black in all 4 games that I played, but I only won 2. You do the maths. Until tomorrow, somehow, I was home by 10:30. … Continue reading Unbelievably


May 19th 2022 Today I had an offer accepted on a house. And although that does make me somewhat happy, it also fills me with a reasonable amount of dread. You see, I’m not thrilled about all of the admin that is about to come my way. So much admin. And I hate admin. I don’t even own a fax machine. Or a scanner. And I’ve got to scan stuff. Or send over PDFs. Apparently screenshots aren’t enough. I’m being quite glib about this, and I know I should be giddy, but it just feels like there’s still a long … Continue reading Accepted


May 18th 2022 Today I think I’ve found the house that I want to buy. I’ve gone slowly off the search since multiple setbacks a few months ago, but more recently the market has calmed down slightly and I was emailed about a house that I knew I was going to love. I almost could have put an offer in just from seeing the pictures. I knew not much would change when I saw it in person, but I did so today. I’ve offered on three different places now, but this is the first one that I feel like I’ve … Continue reading Want


May 17th 2022 Today idk. I don’t feel my best. Some days are like that. Some days there is lingering anxiety, or annoyance, or anger. And those are just the feelings which begin with the letter A. There’s a whole alphabet of feelings worth talking about. I’m sure you feel like that sometimes too. Whoever you are. Days where you’re not entirely sure who you are, or where you’re going, or what on earth you’re doing with your life. And then you wake up, and somehow everything is a little bit rosier. Until tomorrow, step one, get some sleep. Jacn Continue reading Alphabet


May 14th 2022 Today was a lovely day. To start, Dad and I played golf at the Painswick Golf Club. It is a short, tricky, beautiful little course in a stunning part of the world. The bloody beat me again didn’t he. There are rarely days better spent than those where I take my dad to a golf course. I can’t think of many things I’d rather do. Apart from take my dad to a golf course and then also beat him at golf. That would be nice, once in a while. Later, we went for accidental afternoon tea at … Continue reading Lovely


May 13th 2022 Today I experimented with a new diet in an effort to fight the carbs and this weird belly bloat I’ve got going on recently. Usually if I have too much bread in a day I end up with a swollen stomach, so I’m trying to cut down on carbs. I’m not entirely sure where I got the belief that that will help, but I’m going with it. Breakfast Now, I’m a man of habit. For the past 3 years I have had for breakfast — almost every day — a toasted sesame seed bagel, spread with Philadelphia, … Continue reading Carbs