June 16th 2019 Today I had three slices of cheddar cheese for dinner. It’s been that kind of day. I woke up at 2pm, and haven’t really left my bed since then. I am very hungover, and feel very sorry for myself. And I can’t eat, drink or do anything when I’m hungover, so I’ve led in bed all day binge-watching Gavin and Stacey. At some point I thought I should get something to eat, but I really didn’t want to cook anything, so I opened the fridge and, well, I’ve already told you the rest. 3 slices of cheese. … Continue reading Cheese


June 13th 2019 Today I’m being looked after well. My sister invited me round hers for dinner after work. She knows that I’d rather not be home alone at the moment, and so, bless her heart, invited me over. Steve was there too, and he entertained me with 10 games of FIFA. Kirstyn, if you’re with Steve when you read this, please remind him of Kylian Mbappe’s last minute winner. He’ll know it well. Since Mum and Dad went on their three-month summer holiday, I’ve not actually had that much time alone in the house. I’ve kept myself busy, sort … Continue reading Mbappe