September 18th 2021 Today was a beautiful day filled with family, food, and Rosé. I think I got the accent the correct way round. I’ve both learnt how to pronounce it and how to drink it today, but learning how to spell it is just a step too far. I’ve eaten enough meat and potatoes that I fell asleep on the floor during the last ten minutes of the film we were watching. Perhaps the least satisfying of all moments to fall asleep. It was a top top day which immediately proceeded another top top day. Until tomorrow, now I … Continue reading Rosé


September 17th 2021 Today was Michelle and Tim’s wedding. Em and I were in charge at the house. And the garden. Really, Em was in charge. I was just there for emotional support. At one point I put some ice into a bucket. That was probably helpful. The entire day was completely beautiful. I could’ve cried at Tim’s vows. I could’ve cried during Meg’s poem. I could’ve cried when I was made to stand up to read a haiku. I could’ve cried when the pagoda fell down right before the bridge and groom were supposed to be inside. The way … Continue reading Stark


September 16th 2021 Today I went tie shopping. And pocket sleeve shopping. Pocket sleeve? Pocket square. Pocket square shopping. And shirt shopping. And trouser shopping. And belt shopping. As you can tell, I wasn’t the most prepared for the wedding I’m going to tomorrow. I did have shoes and a blazer delivered though. And now I’m all sorted. I haven’t actually tried the outfit on all together yet, but I’m fairly confident that I’m going to look fly as heck. Anyway. I need to be up early. Until tomorrow, did I really just say “fly as heck”? Jacn Continue reading Heck


September 15th 2021 Today my friend Brad came round to watch the football, eat pizza, and drink beer. Lads lads lads. Brads brads brads. My friend Jim couldn’t make it. That was sad. Even the names ‘Jim’ and ‘Brad’ scream lads lads lads. I swear I do have friends who have names longer than one syllable. There’s, uh, Duff, and Sledge, and Butch, and Snake, and Dan, and Sam, and Mike, and Ross, and, uh, Chris, and… Aaron!! Aaron!! Two syllables Aaron! (Aaron it didn’t actually take me that long to think of you, I was just playing up to … Continue reading Brads


September 14th 2021 Today I had a coaching session with a trainer as part of the management training course I’m doing. Together we went over the results of the personality profile/questionnaire I’d completed which I got my results for last week. I wrote a blog about that too. I can’t be bothered to link to it so if you’re interested, go find it. I think it was called ‘profile’ but I could be wrong. At one point in the session she asked me to stop focusing on the weaknesses identified from the profile, and asked me what I thought about … Continue reading Strengths


September 13th 2021 Today I hope you’re happy. Whoever you are, wherever you are, I hope you’ve had a good day. I hope you’ve had a day filled with love and joy and happiness. Because you deserve it, whoever you are. Mostly, the world sucks at the moment, but sometimes it can be good, and I hope today was one of those days for you. Until tomorrow, I hope tomorrow is too. Jacn Continue reading Hope


September 12th 2021 Today it turns out that I may actually prefer playing shitty golf courses to nice ones. This afternoon I played the same 9 hole course that I played twice yesterday, and on all 3 occasions I shot exactly 39. Which is 8 over. Which is pretty good for nine holes. Now, sure, it’s not a difficult course, but that’s what makes it enjoyable. Some of the holes are 80 yards and I could probably throw the ball onto the green, but it being easy made it simple to play well. And golf is more fun when you’re … Continue reading Yards


September 11th 2021 Today here’s some things: – I keep losing my clothes. I don’t know how I do it. I’ve lost 3 golf polos, 2 running tshirts and a pair of shorts. If whoever is stealing them could stop stealing them that would be great. It’s making me feel like I’m losing my mind. – We played golf for Tim’s second stag do. It was at Brickhampton. We played a 5-ball which is contentious but it is as a kinda council course so it was fine. – I drove to a mate’s with the intention of just having a … Continue reading Losing


September 10th 2021 Today was overall pretty good. No real reason, just a mostly positive day, which is nice. I don’t have much to say about it, which is a shame. Because I usually moan a lot about my bad days, and so it feels like I should have more to say about my good ones. But there wasn’t even anything in particular which made today good. It was just a collection of positive moments. There is a bee stuck in my office who refuses to leave though, and that’s not ideal. Until tomorrow, aside from that… Jacn Continue reading Mostly


September 9th 2021 Today I had the results back from a personality-type questionnaire I did as part of a leadership training course I’m doing. There were like 45 questions and I had to rate myself out of 5 for various situational-based reactions. Then the results are analysed and I’m sent a big old document telling me in what ways I’m a failure of a human. The results are fascinating, but in a very horoscope-like way. Like, the answers are vague enough that you can conceivably go “omg that’s so me!” and the questions were specific enough that one of the … Continue reading Inspector