July 10th 2020 Today it was almost a normal Friday at work. We left the office at 12 and then went to the pub and didn’t go back. Oh the good old days. We used to do that most Fridays and then, yknow, corona. Other than the fact the waitresses refused to actually pass us our drinks and or food because, yknow, corona, it was almost normal. Kinda. But they kinda just put them all nearby and hoped for the best. There was a lot of food. Also, beer. Very little work. But that’s what fridays used to be like. … Continue reading Kinda


July 7th 2020 Today I was back in the office for the first time in over 3 months. I immediately, yet accidentally, flouted the return-to-work rules by not sanitising my hands on the way in (I had a coffee in each hand) and then followed up my flouting with some more flouting by walking through the office without a mask on. A good start. I only lasted like three hours. It got to lunchtime and I was told that, because, y’know, Covid, we couldn’t use the microwave and also couldn’t use any of the plates. I thought without a microwave … Continue reading Voluntary


July 6th 2020 Today I started to do the admin I need to do to prepare for my flatmate moving out on Friday. Oh, btw, for the people in my life reading this who I have not yet told: my flatmate is moving out on Friday. Originally I wanted to move out, because I’m at the point in my life now where I want my own space. It’s a thing that we tried for six months because it was convenient for both of us, but, and I know Covid is repsonsible for most of this, it was becoming tricky sharing … Continue reading Doubly


July 5th 2020 Today I’m at the point of lockdown where every day is starting to feel the same. I have the same breakfast every day (two eggs, philly, sliced ham, and rocket in a bagel), I have coffee at the same time every day (one at 10 and one at 2), I go for the same run, at the same time, on the same route, for the same distance every day (a 5k route around Pittville Park), I eat the same dinners (Asian-inspired meat with noodles and/or rice), I go to bed at the same time (11pm). There’s not … Continue reading Same


July 3rd 2020 Today I’m not sure if I want to go to the pub tomorrow or not. We’ve booked a table at a pub nearby, and we can technically be there all day. And we’re technically allowed to be there. But also I kinda feel like I’m still breaking the rules if I go. I had my back to work briefing earlier that will allow me to go back into the office from Tuesday if I so please, and because I’m quite keen to get back into the office, I kind of don’t like the idea of spending 8 … Continue reading Rules


July 2nd 2020 Today forget all that stuff I said about not going back to work until September, because I’m going back next week. We’ve been told that we have the option of going back if we want to, but with a load of restrictions in place. To begin with, I wasn’t fussed. Because as I see it, it was already a transition going from working in the office to working from home, and then in September we’d have to transition from working from home to working from the office. Adding in another transitionary period going from working from home … Continue reading Option