February 28th 2015 Today I’m in a Future Inn in the centre of Bristol City centre. I’m sat as my friends furiously try to figure out how to reattach the door to the wardrobe they’ve just broken.  This weekend is starting off well then.  I think this will be the last free time I have for a while, because after this weekend I promise myself I’m going to start working. I’ve got two class tests coming up in March. (Jesus I just realised February is over. Happy two month everydaybloganniversary) So I’ll be putting in a lot of work for … Continue reading Bristol


February 27th 2015 Today I want to expand on something I tried to blog about on Wednesday. Wednesday’s post “Hip” wasn’t one of my better ones, in fact it was awful and I’m barely considering it as a post, but I am impressed that I remembered to post it after coming in at 4am. Anyway, what I was trying to say on Wednesday was that right now, for some reason, I feel young. Now, I am young, I’m 21, but I don’t think or feel young. For some reason ever since In turned 21 in September I’ve felt, well, old. … Continue reading Young


February 25th 2015 Today, its 4:45am. I’m tired as fuck and I want to go to sleep. This is probably pushing the boundaries of being allowed to be counted as a blog entry for the 25th Feb, but fuck it. I make the rules.  Tonight I had one of those nights where I remember I’m a student and I’m young and I don’t need to be worrying about what I’m doing and where I’m going over the next 25 years. Instead I went out and enjoyed myself whilst dressed as a hippie.  Until tomorrow, peace.  Jacn  Continue reading Hip


February 24th 2015 Today it seems that the WordPress iOS app has had an update.  The main body of text now comes with the tag line “Share your story here…”  But what is my story?  Is it a story about who I am? But who am I? What kind of person am I? Am I an intellect? Am I a mathematician? Am I a wordsmith am I a labourer? Am I a lover am I a fighter am I a thinker am I a talker, a debater, a creator. Am I strong or weak in body and mind.  Is it … Continue reading Story


February 23rd 2015 Today, it is Monday. Very good. Very insightful. Yes. And for some reason, if I start something, a new regime/plan/leaf/me it always has to be started on a Monday. I think that’s mainly because if for any reason I forget to start the thing on the Monday, I can say “oh, well I can’t start it on a Tuesday I’ll have to wait until Monday again” and then I get 6 free days of being a lazy, worthless waste of space. But also because it’s the start of a new – something. The start of a new … Continue reading Monday


February 22nd 2015 Today I spent six hours doing a piece of coursework that was worth 2% of one of the modules I’m studying at Uni. 2% of one module is 2% of 1/12th (12 modules) of this year. Which is 70% of my total degree. Doing some maths makes that piece of coursework (2/100)*(1/12)*(70/100) = 140/120000 = 0.0011666666666666666666(six)% That six hours was worth 0.001166666666666666(six)% of a degree. Doing some more Maths (I’ve already had enough Maths for today why am I making myself do more) tells me that if every 0.0016% of a degree takes 6 hours, then the whole … Continue reading Worth