March 5th 2015 Today is World Book Day, or as it’s sometimes stylised, #WorldBookDay.  Instead of celebrating it by reading and sharing books and novels from Mr favourite authors. I was narcissistic and read my own.  And, to be honest, I hated it. I could barely make my way through it. I found myself disgusted by some of it, it was cliched and rushed and poorly written in parts. I stumble over sentences far too much and the story could’ve been written just as well in half as many chapters.  I didn’t enjoy it. It was worse than I remember. … Continue reading Book


March 4th 2015 Today, on three separate occasions, I forgot what I wanted today’s post to be about. I’d think of something at a really bad time, like when I was taking notes in class, or walking back from Uni in the rain. I thought of what I wanted the post to be about, but five minutes later I’d forgotten it again. Which in turn gave me a topic for the post to be about anyway. Memory. I’ve forgotten whether I’ve said it before but one thing I hope to gain out of writing daily blog posts is an improvement … Continue reading Remember