March 8th 2015 Today I saw one of my favourite sights. And it’s an odd one.  I’ve been in my hometown this weekend, and I travelled back to Cardiff this evening. To get from home to, well, home, I need only travel down the M4 for 70-ish miles. My favourite part of the motorway is also one of my favourite places in the world. (Who has a favourite part of a motorway for fucks sake) Anyway, there’s this part of the M4 just after you drive past Bristol. It’s a long left hand gradual corner. Not that there are any … Continue reading Bridge


March 7th 2015 Today I worked. For money.  I work as a waiter in this small family run rustic Italian restaurant called Pizza Hut, and have done for almost five years.  My favourite thing about being a waiter is one of two things: 1) Guessing the dynamics of the tables relationship – and by this I mean, if, for example, I serve a table of four. Three boys. One girl. It’s fun to figure out which boy is dating the girl. Sometimes it’s obvious, because of the PDA, sometimes it’s guessable by the fact they ordered together, sometimes it’s hard … Continue reading Slice