March 8th 2015

Today I saw one of my favourite sights. And it’s an odd one. 

I’ve been in my hometown this weekend, and I travelled back to Cardiff this evening. To get from home to, well, home, I need only travel down the M4 for 70-ish miles. My favourite part of the motorway is also one of my favourite places in the world. (Who has a favourite part of a motorway for fucks sake)

Anyway, there’s this part of the M4 just after you drive past Bristol. It’s a long left hand gradual corner. Not that there are any corners on motorways but yeah. You know. 

This corner starts just after Bristol, and sweeps left. And when it starts to straighten out Wales creeps onto the horizon. The lights of the Severn bridge cut the darkness. (It’s usually night time when I take this corner) 

Red and yellow sparks of light illuminate the skyline and suddenly I can see another country. 

Now, I live on an island so that’s a pretty big deal for me. Technically Wales is attached to us and it’s pretty much the same country but it’s still a pretty big deal. 

Wales represents a new life for me. England was where I grew up and spent my childhood. When I moved to Wales for University I grew into adulthood. 

So every time I take that drive, and take that corner it’s like I’m re-emerging into adulthood. 

Plus, if I make the drive during the daylight hours the bridge over the water with cities and lights in the distance looks pretty beautiful. 

What’s hilarious is that even though seeing that bridge from a distance is one of my favourite views, after I’ve driven over it I have to pay a toll to use it. And the money goes to the French. 

Until tomorrow, it costs £6.50 to drive into adulthood. 


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