March 18th 2015

Today, I felt useful. And I felt useful because someone came to me for advice with homework, and for once, I was able to help them. Like I spoke about yesterday, usually I get help with homeworks, but I’ve had to do this current one by myself with no help.

I got a couple of messages today from other people studying the module asking if I’d looked through the work, and how I was getting on et cetera. And it made me feel good that I could answer their questions and help them out with it. I’ve had enough help with this degree myself, so it’s good to be able to help someone else out for once.

I helped them with the disclaimer that I’m not 100% sure that my answers are right, but a partly wrong answer is surely better than no answer at all. I can’t really afford to dedicate too much time to this coursework because I have class test revision to do. And to be honest, I’ve had enough of revision. It’s frustrating because the topic on which I’m taking the class test has potential to be interesting, we’re basically being taught the maths/formulae behind the trading of stocks & shares, but the notes, and the teaching is just so dull that it makes an interesting subject become the complete opposite.

I have one lecturer who’s determined to be a bit of a quirky, cool guy who doesn’t care whether you show up or not, who doesn’t care if you text in his class, and who makes us play class wide games of Rock Paper Scissors so we can all see the mechanics and strategies behind it, and that’s a nice change of pace from the usual chalk and talk lectures, but it’s a bit of a waste of time because I’m not learning anything that is examinable.

Unless the exam question is “Let’s play a game of Rock Paper Scissors, how do you win?”

Although it’s fun it’s not going to help me pass any exams, so if they could find the balance between being interesting enough to hold my attention and informative enough that I feel I’m actually learning something that will be useful, then I might quite enjoy Uni.

Until tomorrow, as it is, I don’t.



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