March 21st 2015

Today I drove back home from Cardiff. The same drive I seem to be making every single weekend at the moment. 

Because I make that journey so much I can kind of do it in autopilot, obviously I’m concentrating on the road but I don’t have to worry about figuring out what exit I need to be taking, where it is I’m going, etc. From door to door its 90 miles and about four left turns. 

Because of this my mind is free to wander. And it often does. 

I always seem to get book ideas when I’m driving, the problem is that when I’m driving, I’m, well, not exactly able to write down the idea before I forget it, which I frequently do. 

So today I had to keep thinking about the idea so I could write it down when I got home. 

I’ve probably got a list of 15/20 ideas for novels written in the notes on my phone, some are just six word sentences. Some are six line paragraphs. Some have more detail and thought than others, but if I get an idea I like, I write it down and come back to it later. 

And these ideas always come in awkward places, the shower, whilst driving, in a lecture. It’s like when I’m supposed to be thinking about one thing, random thoughts just float in and form into ideas. Which with a little work might form a whole story one day. 

Until tomorrow, these will be more than ideas. 


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