April 28th 2015 Today was the same day as yesterday, and the same day as the day before that. I got up, well more specifically, I woke up, led around for an hour, then got up, skipped breakfast because I keep forgetting to buy cereal, revised until one, walked to Dough to buy lunch, forgot to buy cereal, revised, walked to Tesco to buy dinner, forgot to buy cereal, revised, relaxed. The only other thing that happened was that at one point I got a hair cut. And I hate getting hair cuts, and I’ll tell you why. I can’t stand small talk. It’s the same … Continue reading Cut


April 27th 2015 Today, I watched a video called “How to get motivated”, because, well, it’s pretty obvious why… Anyway, in the video they spoke about how the best thing to do to get motivated is to stop blaming your inability to be productive on motivation. Because motivation is good for getting you going, but it’s not going to keep you going. What keeps you going, they said, is habit. And I think that’s spot on. What they mean is that when something becomes a habit, you don’t need to motivate yourself to get up and do it. You just … Continue reading Bite


April 26th 2015 Today was my Dad’s 50th birthday. We celebrated by throwing him a surprise dinner, we played golf, we had breakfast at a hotel, yada yada. I want to talk about my Dad. My Dad is the strongest, most hard working, selfless, loyal man I have ever met. All his life he has done everything he could to make sure that his three kids had everything they wanted. And to be fair, we have. I’ve never really wanted anything and not got it, but I’ve never been spoilt either. When he was in the early stages of parenthood, … Continue reading Father


April 25th 2015 Today I saw a friend for probably the last time.  Someone I’ve worked with for four years is moving to Australia and probably not coming back. She’s a good friend, so it’s really sad to see her go knowing that I will probably never see her again.  I’m now at that point in my life where everything gets real, and I’m beginning to appreciate that. I have 6 weeks left as a University student. And then I have to grow up. And I have to fly away into the real world.  The send off for my friend … Continue reading Danni


April 24th 2015 Today was a 10-12 revision day. (14 hours, not 2) I started it in the library for the morning session but stayed in my room for the afternoon and evening sessions. Because I’m currently at the point in my revision where I’m just reading and copying notes, and not learning/answering questions I don’t really need to go to the library.  The only reason to go to the library, for me, is so that I can study with my flatmates. And sometimes I need to study with them because they’re cleverer than I am, and they can help … Continue reading Method


April 23rd 2015 Today, for the for only the second time in my life, I went suit shopping. The first was for prom, so it was a very different suit that would be about 4 sizes too small for me now. This one is for another kind of prom I guess, on Wednesday I have my end of year maths ball. But for me it’s also my end-of-maths maths ball. It’ll be my first and last occasion going to a Maths Society event, so I may as well dress up nice for it. Suit shopping made me feel old, and … Continue reading Suit