April 25th 2015

Today I saw a friend for probably the last time. 

Someone I’ve worked with for four years is moving to Australia and probably not coming back. She’s a good friend, so it’s really sad to see her go knowing that I will probably never see her again. 

I’m now at that point in my life where everything gets real, and I’m beginning to appreciate that. I have 6 weeks left as a University student. And then I have to grow up. And I have to fly away into the real world. 

The send off for my friend was at a pub, and there was probably 20 or so people there that she’s worked with over the years. There were so many people that had come and went, that started work before me, and hence her and left way before. 

I’m pretty much the person left working there who has been there the longest. This summer I’ll have been there five years. Longer than anyone else. I’ve watched people come, leave, come back, leave again, move away, move on, and I’m still there. 

Although I have no plans to continue working there after this summer, it made me feel like I’d been left behind a bit. 

Danni’s moving to Australia. Sarah’s getting engaged. Naomi’s moving to London. Everyone and everything is getting real now. Suddenly I’m left behind.

So now I just need to finish my degree and then things can start getting real for me too. 

Until tomorrow, I don’t want to be left behind. 

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