May 11th 2015

Today, as you can tell already by the featured image, the above three words, and the date of upload at the bottom of this post, is May 11th 2015.

That means that tomorrow, May 12th 2015 is the day of my first exam. 

I’m not really *anything* towards it, right now. I’m not nervous, or scared, I’m definitely not excited, I’m not confident I’m not not confident if you’ll excuse my poor wording. I’m just… Meh. 

I have an idea of what to expect from the paper, and if what I’m hoping will come up does come up, then tomorrow’s post will be a happy post. If it doesn’t, I’d imagine it will be… Well, much the same as this one. Pretty ‘meh’… 

What tomorrow does mean is that I will be 1/4 of the way through this exam period and hence one step closer to finishing Uni. 

Which is exciting. As scary. And definitely not meh. Exactly three weeks from right now I will be completely finished with Uni. 

Now that’s…. Something. 

And now, before I forget the forty five definitions I’ve just spent and hour trying to remember, I should probably go to sleep. 

Until tomorrow, I apologise for the brevity. 


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