June 7th 2015

Today I watched a movie about time travel. And because I only have a short period of time in which to write this post, I’ll make this short. 

In this film the characters, naturally, start off using the time machine selfishly. Win the lottery. Buy a Maserati. Punch a bully in the face. Get the girl. Fix your mistakes. 

But because of their selfishness (and because it wouldn’t be a very good movie without something going wrong) things start to go wrong. Forest fires. Plane crashes. Disappearances. The usual. And so they have to fix it. And the only way they can fix it is by going back to the first day they used the time machine, and re-do it. Don’t do things selfishly. Don’t cause ripples. And loads of other Sci-Fi stuff. 

The biggest thing that I took from this film was what I will leave you with today, because I’m short on time.

Until tomorrow, just do it right the first time round. 


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