June 8th 2015 

Today I got to know the City in which I’ve lived for the past three years. 

It’s weird, I’ve lived in Cardiff since I started University in 2012, but I’ve never really seen it. Not fully. 

It was nice to get out of the student area of Cardiff, an area where if you walk to the shops you have to keep your eyes on the pavement so as to avoid stepping on shards of glass (of which there are thousands) or cardboard boxes (of which there are hundreds) or banana skins (of which there are comically many. 

 The student bit a shithole, my student house is a shithole, my student bedroom is a shithole. But today I got to see the proper areas. Today I got to look up from the pavement, and into the sea. 

This is two three minute trains from my house. To get to Cardiff bay I have to walk (over glass, boxes and bananas) to the train station around the corner, get on a train, get on a train, walk twenty metres and I’m there. 

Fifteen minutes door-to-sea. (I’m calling it the sea because it’s a body of water, I’m not sure if it’s technically the sea) 

In three years I’ve been to Cardiff Bay once before today. There are so many restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs, shops, pubs that I’ve not been to but wanted to, I always assumed I’d just go there another time. Now I’m out of time. 

I’ve not really seen Cardiff properly, I’ve taken it for granted. And now I move away in three days without ever having taking it in properly. 

Until tomorrow, I’ll be back, though. 


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