June 19th 2015

Today I got annoyed because people kept trying to help me.

Let me explain.

I work as a waiter in this rustic italian restaurant you’ve probably never heard of called ‘Pizza Hut’, and I had a shift today. As a waiter, quite obviously, you have to take the food from the kitchen hatch to the customers table. That’s one of the only things you have to do. You take the order. You take the food. You take the payment. There’s bits in between but they’re not as important right now.

My problem was that people kept taking food from the hatch and giving it to my customers. They’re trying to be helpful, but I don’t want the help.

And this sounds petty and stupid and ridiculous but fuck it, I want to run my own food to my own customers. And here’s why. I said that there are three main things to take: the order, the food, the payment.

If someone else does one of those things, say someone runs the food. Then I’ve done 2, and they’ve done 1. So a third of the job has been done by someone else. Which leaves the customer wondering who the hell their waiter even was, which, to me, means they won’t know who to tip.

I won’t pussyfoot around this (is that the right word?) I would not do the job of it weren’t for tips. It wouldn’t be worth it.

So when someone else does a third of the job, do they then deserve a third of the tip? Theyd of course say no, they were just helping out. But then what’s next? I take the order, someone takes the food, and someone else takes the payment. We’ve done one of the three jobs each. My customer thinks he’s being shared around like the gift in Pass The Parcel, and I feel like I’ve not done my job properly.

Another reason I like to run my own food is because then everything is down to me. If I see that there is a mistake with the order, I can get it fixed before the customer realises. If someone else runs the food, they’ll just assume that all is correct, but if there is a mistake, and the customer sees it, then firstly they’ll shout at the first person they see. Who doesn’t have a clue what the problem is because she’s just running the food.

And now the customer has the wrong food, and a waitress has been shouted at over a situation that could’ve been avoided if people would leave me to run my own food. If I make a mistake then it’s on my back, it’s my mistake.

I’m aware that this all sounds petty, and stupid. But I’m not fussed.

Until tomorrow, don’t run my food.



8 thoughts on “Help

  1. I like helping people but not until they ask me to, I understand how you are frustrated with others helping. I’m the same kind, I like doing work by my own because I get to manage how I want the work to flow, I wonder how some people keep minding others’ business, I don’t even think that they are being kind with it.


      1. I guess each person should at leas first study the situation what’s best, to help or not to help, the it turns out to be a case to case basis…


      1. Let’s not get crazy – 1/3 of the tip for 1/3 of the job. 🙂 my other issue would be how they represent “me” at the table. The food is the ultimate product; if it’s delivered cold or with apathy the tip won’t be enough to split.
        Then again… maybe they’re just running food out of boredom or kindness. In that case, maybe you could just reciprocate for them sometime?


        1. No one would expect, nor accept, ‘payment’ for the help, they literally are just doing it to be helpful.
          It’s just my preference that they, well, don’t.
          That probably sounds awful.


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