September 10th 2015

Today I saw a member of my family for the first time in exactly four weeks. 

We’re currently in the Budapest part of our Interrail trip, exactly 28 days in, and by a stroke of luck my eldest sister was in Budapest today on some sort of business trip (I’m still not 100% sure what she does for a living). 

So we had breakfast & coffee, and it was weird because I suddenly felt both very grown up and still a little childish. Here I am, being all independent in the middle of South Eastern Europe (or wherever) meeting with my sister and drinking a latte at 8:30 in the morning but she’s asking me all these questions about what I’m gonna do when I get home from travelling and move back into Mummy and Daddy’s house. 

And I deflected all her questions because I’m too young to even think about that. 

Somehow we were talking about pensions and mortgage repayments and all that kinda scary stuff that I’m not thinking about for at least another twenty five years, and although I felt grown up to be in that situation discussing all this grown up stuff I still felt young, too young to think about that. 

And I am. 

For another 8 weeks whilst I’m still on a jolly around Europe, at least. 

Oh yeah. 

Budapest was nice, we went swimming in the oldest baths in Budapest. There were 18 pools of different temperatures. We dipped in about 17 of them because one of them was an ice bath which was not worthy of so much as a toe. 

Until tomorrow, enjoy today. 


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