September 20th 2015

Today we got a bus to Dubrovnik from Split. We are now on holiday. 

I mean, we’ve been on holiday for five weeks, technically, if you count ‘travelling’ as a holiday, which we don’t. We’ve had a little explore, a bit of a wander around Europe, and now we’re having a break. Because it’s hard work this travelling lark, up early, bed late, walk miles, no smiles. 

It sounds daft to suggest that walking around various European cities seeing castles, drinking beer and eating local food could be tiring, but it is. 

So that’s why we’re staying in Dubrovnik for a week, our longest sequential stay in one place during the entire trip this far. 

Plus, it’s my birthday on Tuesday so we’re kind of here for that too. 

We intend on doing pretty much nothing else other than sleeping, swimming, and eating. And then after this week is over we’ll return to the tourism grind of seeing churches and all that stuff. 

I enjoy that bit of travelling far more than I am making out, but I just really enjoy being in the sea with the sun out. And I enjoy it a fair bit more. 

Today we started the holiday well by going to a fancier restaurant than we ordinarily would, and with fancy comes expense, but it’s okay because other than food we don’t have anything else to buy this week. In other places we spend money to go on tours and go in buildings and stuff, but it doesn’t cost anything to go in the sea. 

We’re tempted to go on an all day boat trip on Tuesday for my birthday, one of the ones that tours the local islands and had a he’d to cook you food. That kinda thing. 

Holiday stuff. 

Until tomorrow, happy holidays.


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