September 21st 2015
Today I discovered that I am afraid of deep water.
A few days ago I bought a snorkel set to make swimming in the sea easier and more fun. You see, I discovered that without goggles I am not a strong swimmer. But that is not to say that I am not a strong swimmer. I’m being truthful when I say that I once represented my school in a swimming competition at regional level. It is also true that my school came dead last in every race and the only reason I was in the team is because the first and only four members of our team were simultaneously unavailable due to scout trip.
But anyway, I’m a decent swimmer with goggles on, if I can see where I’m going then it makes it a lot easier, and I don’t have to worry about opening my eyes when I tilt my head, and then that would make my breathing off, and I don’t really get it but I panic a bit when I swim blind.
So I bought a snorkel set and swam off into the ocean like I was one of its natural inhabitants.
But I only swam until I could no longer touch the floor of the ocean. So out to about six foot in depth. That, to start with, was point of no return. And here’s why. And this is ridiculous. And this is very, very ridiculous.
I was scared of sharks.
When I swam out further than I could stand then I suddenly stared thinking “what if a shark comes” and honestly I have no idea if sharks can even get to Croatia but it went through my head and I immediately had to turn around.
So I swam in the shallow water for a bit looking at the smaller fish, (yeah, there were fish below me) and then I thought of a stat I saw the other day.
Depending on your source Sharks kill up to twelve humans every year.
And upon remembering that I was no longer scared.
Thirty seven people are killed yearly by lightning strikes, that’s three times more frequently than by shark, but I don’t get scared of walking outside in the rain, so why should I get scared of swimming in deep water?
Cows kill 22 people in the U.S. every year by kicking them in the head but I don’t run in terror every time I walk past a farmyard.
Toasters are the cause of death for 700 people every year. Toaster fires, or something, but that doesn’t put me off having marmite on toast for breakfast. Does it?
It was irrational, it was stupid, and I kind of talked myself out of it.
So yeah, I was momentarily scared of deep water. But then I got over it and swam out further and further.

Until tomorrow, swim with the fishes not with the Sharks. 


3 thoughts on “Snorkel

  1. Grandad and I are in bed chuckling over your blog!! Love all the statistics!! Do 700 people really die of toaster related accidents? That’s sooooo scary!!! There’s a monster in my kitchen!! Have a brilliant birthday sweetheart, Love to Alice xxx


  2. happy birthday buddy we have texted and rang no luck, so here goes on this, thats even more Alien to me have a good boat trip if poss speak tonight love Dad * Mum xx


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