September 23rd 2015

Today was quiet. We had a big and expensive and tiring day yesterday so today we took it easy. 

Although ‘taking it easy’ in Dubrovnik still means walking around one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen in 30 degree heat. We explored a bit more of the town today, and we’re going to do even more of that tomorrow. 

We’ve avoided a lot of the touristy stuff so far because there are just so many people doing the tours and stuff, but if there’s that many people doing it then there’s probably a good reason… 

So tomorrow we’ll do the walking tour of the Dubrovnik walls and all the historical stuff, and yesterday we basically went on a booze cruise, but today we took it easy. We wandered up these side streets and back alleys and if I could be bothered to connect my camera to my phone I’d show a photo of all the intricacies of Dubrovnik that you miss if you just walk down the Main Street. We turned a corner and went down some stairs and suddenly we were at this mini beach/cliff in the middle of the city. It was hanging right over the ocean. We’d never’ve found it if we were looking for it but we just stumbled upon it. 

That’s the beauty of this travelling lark, you kind of just make it what you want to make it. You go where you want to go, eat where you want to eat, and you end up in places that you didn’t plan to that turn out to be better than where you did want to go. 

All because you took a wrong turn and walked through a hole in the wall. 

Until tomorrow, take a wrong turn. 



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