September 24th 2015

Today it absolutely pelted down. We knew we were set for storms but we went out anyway. We wandered around and the heavens opened and down it poured. 

We ran to the nearest cafe/restaurant and sat in the cover as everyone flitted about, panicking, taking cushions off chairs, putting them back on. Alice and I sat on a table that could’ve fit four people, so the waiters asked if they could sit another person on our table. And we couldn’t say no, so they did. 

It was dinner and a show, watching everyone run around in the rain.  

The good thing about bad weather is that when you’re inside, in the warm and dry, it’s fun to look out on. 

When we got home from Lunch (dripping wet and sniffling) this is what the sky looked like. 

 Just look at that. You can basically see heaven itself. And I think it’s worth getting a bit wet if it brings a sky like that. 

(Although, Mother Nature, if you’re reading, don’t take that to mean I want it to rain every day)

We were home at, like, 3. And we couldn’t go out again because the rain wouldn’t stop, so we stayed in and watched TV. Not exactly a great travelling adventure, but we got a great view of the sky from our window.  

Until tomorrow, it’s like stairway to heaven. 




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