September 25th 2015

Today I was on top of the world.  

We got a cable car to the top of Dubrovnik hill and ate lunch in the ‘Panorama’ restaurant. If you, whoever ‘you’ are, ever find yourself in Dubrovnik, go up the cable car and eat lunch at the Panorama restaurant. 

The view is ridiculous wherever they sit you, there’s a sea view like the one above or a mountain range like below.  

It’s just ridiculous for views. And the food is very, very good for a decent price. Although you expect to pay a ‘on top of a mountain view’ surcharge. 

One problem is that the food is so good that a pail of wasps will come to eat dinner with you. (I think pail is the correct collective noun) 

The wasps are annoying but I understand that the restaurant can’t do anything about them. It’s nature/natural, and all. 

From the top of the hill we flirted with the idea of getting the cable car back down because a storm was brewing. The waiters were frantically preparing for rain again, and it was again fun to watch. 

In the end we chanced it and went with the original plan of walking down the side of the mountain (I keep saying mountain but please bear in mind that it wasn’t a mountain, I don’t think) this led to some ridiculous views over the town. 

It made Dubrovnik’s old town look tiny. 

Until tomorrow, I guess I was up a mountain. 


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