September 26th 2015

Today was our last full day in Dubrovnik. Originally we wanted to spend it doing a tour of the castle walls, but it turned out to be far more expensive than 1) we thought it would be and 2) we were willing to pay. So instead we did a glass bottom boat tour that took us around the outside of the walls, so we basically saw all the same stuff for half the price and we saw some fish too. 

Although calling it a ‘glass bottom boat’ is a bit of a stretch. There’s a window in the middle. That’s pretty much it. 

The tour was good, though. We were the only people on the boat so we basically got a private tour of everything. The captain showed us all the historical stuff, he pointed out the places where Game of Thrones is filmed, he pointed out which are the good beaches, and where you can snorkel into a cave, which made me wish I was staying for another few days so I could do the cave thing. 

We had dinner overlooking a castle from Game of Thrones, which probably would’ve been a much more interesting experience for me had I have ever watched the program. The food was good, though. 

But we leave tomorrow. But we don’t really arrive anywhere tomorrow. Tomorrow is a bus, a boat, and then a train. And at some point on Monday we’ll be in Rome. After basically 24 hours of travelling. 

I’m ready to leave Dubrovnik and get back to the hecticity of jumping from place to place every three days, although it has been nice to spend a week in one place. 

All in all our Dubrovnik trip has been wonderful, but I’m happy to be moving on the next place. 

Until tomorrow, when in Rome. 


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