September 28th 2015

Today I’m in Rome. We got here from Dubrovnik via planes trains and automobiles, (technically it was a ferry not a plane but I just wanted an excuse to write that line) and it took forever and tired us out but we got here. 

As seems to be the custom on this blog recently, here’s a picture of the sky. 

All the wonderful, historical, important things I’m seeing on this trip and the sight that I find most astounding is a simple sunset. 

Here is where I’m going to include a tedious segue to make the content of this post relevant to its title

I’ve titled this post ‘sunset’ because of that photo, but it’s weird…

Now we’re in Italy it feels like the sun is setting on our trip. It feels like it’s almost over. After Italy we have Switzerland and Spain, and then we’re home. In reality we’re still about 6 or 7 weeks away from going home, but because we’re spending so much time in Italy (a month) it feels like we’re close to the end. 

It feels like the sun is setting. You could say! Yeah. That. 

Until tomorrow, I intend to enjoy the sunset. 


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