October 1st 2015

Today marks 9 months of daily blog posts. 

I was about to, and by that I mean I had already written it out, make a joke relating to the fact that the gestation period of humans is 9 months and that’s ironic because… Well you can guess the rest of the joke because I’m not even going to finish it because I do not wish to give my mother a heart attack. 

Anyhow. Nine months is a long time, you can grow an entire human in nine months, (still not going to go there…) so it feels pretty cool that I’ve lasted this long with this daily challenge I set myself. 

What’s nice is that means it’s only three months until a year, and a year is a pretty big thing. 

After December 31st, though, I don’t know what happens. I set myself a goal of writing a blog post every day for a year and in three months I’ll have completed that goal, and I’d imagine I’ll just carry on. 

At the moment I’m fairly obsessed with documenting my life, especially because of all the great stuff I’m currently doing whilst travelling Europe. And I’m documenting it via this blog and via YouTube videos made of and about every day of my travels. And I’m doing this, and that, because one day I’ll forget what it was like, and I’ll have this, and that, to remind me. 

I doubt I’ll keep up with the YouTube thing upon my return to England, and thus normality, but I’m sure I’ll continue with this come January 1st 2016. YouTube is just a lot more work, I am currently 9 days behind on editing and uploading, according to my videos I am still in Split, Croatia. But I’m now in Rome. I’m behind because editing takes time I don’t have and uploading takes internet net speed better than what I do have. 

But this blog is easy, it’s five minutes before I turn off the bedroom light. It’s five minutes before I close my eyes. It’s just a short reminder of what I’m doing today, just in case one day I forget. 

Until tomorrow, here’s to the next three months. 


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