October 23rd 2015

Today I was reminded of one of the great glories of the English when I wasn’t charged for water in a restaurant. 

Basically every time we’ve gone out for dinner during our European summer trip we have ordered a large bottle of still water, we’d both rather drink water than any other sugary, expensive, or alcoholic drink. And usually we end up being charged €4-6 for it. Call it five euros a go, for, say, 40 meals out and we’ve spent €200 on water in two months. In the UK it is illegal to charge for tap water in a restaurant. We’d be able to get water for free. Here, because of bad plumbing or water purity or some crap, if you want water you pay for it. Today the waitress either forge to charge us, or decided not to, either way, it was like being at home. 

I understand that whilst I’ve been away from the country, England has introduced a 5p a bag fee in supermarkets. And naturally, everyone has hit the roof about that. But I think they’d do well to remember that firstly, the rest of Europe have been doing that for years, and secondly, the rest of Europe don’t get free access to clean drinking water, and the rest of Europe don’t get the NHS. 

I’ve been to a lot of brilliant countries this trip. Fourteen in total. But I’m often reminded of how great the country that I’m going back to us. 

And now, I’m quite looking forward to going back. 

Until tomorrow, see you soon, St George. 


One thought on “Eau

  1. Well said that James!!! We’re too quick to knock our wonderful country – complain about any thing and every thing, even the weather!! We forget it IS wonderful even if the weather is rubbish!!! Love you xxx


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