October 24th 2015

Today we finally had lunch in Quick. 

Our first stop on this European tour was in Paris, where there were Quick’s everywhere, and since then we’ve craved one. 

Quick is a fast food joint, by the way. I probably should’ve mentioned that. It’s like McDonalds, but exclusively French, I think. Paris was the first and only place we saw a Quick with the exception of Brussels, which is basically French anyway (although any Belgian’s wouldn’t forgive me for saying that) 

For the rest of the trip, 12 countries, 29 cities (or something) we didn’t see another Quick, but Montpellier has one, so we had to try it. I’m not going to review the food, because that’s not what this post is about, but it was nicer than McDonalds. 

About halfway through our trip, in Prague, we decided that we needed to start eating out more. Before then we were making sandwiches to take with us as packed lunches, and cooking dinner at home. From Prague onwards we’ve prioritised food over museums and stuff, and decided we’d rather spend money on the former over the latter. 

We’ve eaten in some great places, and had some great food, but today we slummed it a bit in a fast food joint. In Rome I promised myself that I wouldn’t have another McDonald’s for the rest of this trip, and technically I’m not cheating by eating at Quick. 

Basically what this all means is that for the past month or so I have eaten dinner at restaurant at least once every day, apart from today. Unless you count Quick as a restaurant, which I don’t, but I’d bet that they themselves do. 

Until tomorrow, I can’t wait for a roast dinner. 


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