October 27th 2015

Today we had our first day in Barcelona. It’s mega good here. We took today as a walking around/shopping day. After a few quiter destinations in Montpellier & Nice, we underestimated the size of Barcelona. 

From our hotel we got a tube to a station called ‘Diagonal’, I’d googled earlier and found that all the shops are on the Avenue Diagonal, so I figured the tube station would be near all those shops. 

That road is 7km’s long. In a straight line. The tube station was twentyfive minutes from the shops. It’s basically this one road that bisects the whole of Barcelona. And it’s massive. 

We did some shopping, our main aim was to get Disney themed t-shirts for our trip to Disneyland Paris on Saturday. It’ll be Alice’s first time at Disney so I’m playing it up for her, and letting her dress me up for it. We also saw a Delorean. But maybe not THE Delorean, I couldn’t read the sign, it was in Spanish.  

After the first shopping centre we had lunch in a place called La Polpa. A three course meal and a drink cost us €13 each, and it was some of the best quality food we’ve eaten this trip. Although I did inadvertently order fish noodles because the menu was in Spanish. 

We then got the metro to the other end of Diagon Alley, or whatever it’s called, and went to another shopping centre. In this one we both bought our Disney tshirts, (there will be pictures at some point) 

Round the corner from this shopping centre is the beach, but to get there you have to cross over a main road via a bridge, and everything looked beautiful from the top of that bridge so we stopped and took photos and stuff.  

And then what I’ve decided I love about Barcelona… It’s a massive city, busy with shops and business and banks and restaurants. But it’s also got a beach, and a port/harbour. And it’s right next to the sea. And there’s just so much stuff going on. I said today that I could imagine living here if it weren’t for the fact that I can’t speak Spanish. So either I need to learn Spanish or someone needs to pick Barcelona up and move it to somewhere below Cornwall.

Until tomorrow, I could learn Catalan instead.


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