October 28th 2015

Today, sorry Mum, but I’ve decided I’m staying in Barcelona and I’m not coming home and you can’t make me okay. 


I just love it here. 

There’s everything. 

There’s more shops than I would ever have time to go in to, there’s a zoo, there’s endless museums, an abundance of history and beauty and architecture, and it’s not just a city there’s a beach and a mountain, and there’s a port with loads of boats, and I have this weird thing where I really like long straigh roads and there’s just LOADS of them here. 

I mean.  

There’s a mountain and then a city and then the beach and then the sea. 

There is literally everything. 

We went on one of those hoponhopoffhasselhoff buses today, and we saw the entire city kinda but we’d need another week and a half to see the entire city properly. You know how they say that Rome is the eternal city because there’s so much you can do? Well they, whoever they are, clearly never went to Barcelona because it’s like eternal plus one here. You’d never do it properly. Not everything. There’s just too much. 

We hopped on and off the bus for the first few monuments, but there was so much we wanted to do we couldn’t afford to spend loads of time at each place. We saw the Sagrada Familia but only from the outside, we didn’t want to pay €14 to go inside – and that’s with a discount from our bus company – and all round the outside there was scaffolding from the building work. We hopped off again at Park Guell and saw all the famous Gaudi art as well as his residences. 

Then it was like 3pm and we still had 28 more stops to go. So from there we stayed on the bus and cruised, and saw things from the top deck. 

There’s just so much. 

It’s wonderful. I want to live here. This is the last new place we will visit on our interrail trip.

Until tomorrow, as they say, we’ve saved the best until last.



5 thoughts on “Barcelona

  1. I lived in Barcelona for almost a year; if you get chance, take a stroll up Avingunda de Gaudi. Starting next to Segrada Familia, it’s a beautiful street lined with cafes and shops, finishing at the picture-perfect Sant Pau hospital.


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