October 29th 2015

Today we spent our last day in Barcelona at the zoo. But I’ve already written three blog posts about zoo’s in the past two months so I’m not going to write about zoo’s again. 

Today being our last day in Barcelona also indicates that our trip is over. 

We have no where new to go. From here, tomorrow, we travel back to Paris. We stay there for two nights, and hit Disneyland on the day in between. And that’s going to be brilliant, but it’s back in Paris. Where we started this trip. 

The trip has thus come full circle. We are ending it where we started. 

Tomorrow is our penultimate full day as travellers, and it’s a day that will be spent on trains as we meander back across Europe and end up in Paris. 

It’s sad, really. Two weeks ago I was ready to go home. But now the day has almost arrived, I want to stay. That’s probably why I’ve become so attached to Barcelona, because if I stay here forever then I don’t have to go home. 

Until tomorrow, I don’t want to go home. 


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