October 31st 2015

Today we went to Disneyland Paris, and I am so tired. 

I’ve been to Disney a few times, but Alice has never been. Without doubt my favourite part of today was seeing the look of wonderment on her face as we walked down Main Street USA. 

And then later on, at the Disney Dreans Spectacular, she was in floods of tears because it was all just so magical. 

And that’s adorable. 

It was like I was seeing Disney for the first time again, through her eyes. For the first twenty minutes everything she saw was “wow that’s so cool” street lights, shops, bins, flower patches, everything was photo worthy. If it wasn’t so cute it probably would’ve been pretty annoying. 

It was like taking a kid to Disney for the first time, but better because she could come on the rides with me. 

She’d also never been on a roller coaster before today, and probably will never go on a roller coaster again after today. Her screams were silent but her eyes were loud as we prepared for take off on Space Mountain. 

I realised I’d accidentally lied to her when I told her that space mountain didn’t go upside down. 

It does, apparently. I didn’t remember that. But, to be fair, she never would’ve come on if I’d’ve told her the truth. 

We’ve only had one day at Disney, today, and that’s not enough. We’d need another two or three days to do everything we want to do across the two parks. Instead we had to kind of mash two days into one and try to get as much done from the two parks in one day, alongside fitting in the three Halloween parades. 

Happy Halloween, by the way. 

October is over. 

We’re going home tomorrow. Home, home. 

Until tomorrow, when you wish upon a star your dreams come true. 


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