November 4th 2015

Today I drew a tree diagram. A mind map. A route map. 

As part of my planning, I took a notebook and wrote down the order of happenings within Book 2. It felt good, but it’s incomplete, I have big decisions to make that I’ve so far just… Well, bottled… And want to leave till later. 

But the thing is, I want to have everything sorted before I go in and start writing. I don’t want any decisions to make or things to figure out, I know that inevitably there will be things that need rethinking but I aim to minimise that amount by just thinking it through properly at the start. 

So that’s what I spent a few hours doing today after I went to see my Nan. There’s a costa that’s been built at the end of my estate, I feel they’ll probably get a lot of my business. Although, they don’t have free wifi which is a bit of a pisstake, instead I have to use the wifi from the Garden centre next door. 

I’ve found my little location, I’m moving along with my plan, I’ve even got some diagrams. 

Until tomorrow I’m doing this properly, me. 


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