November 6th 2015

Today I had to wait in a waiting room for two hours. Everyone around me was getting restless, complaining about the long wait, but I was fine. Because I had the entire sum of human knowledge at the tip of my fingertips. 

My smartphone. 

I downloaded, and finished reading a book. I researched and planned a book of my own. 

Everything the human species has learnt, developed and achieved up until today is contained within the 4.7″ screen that is carried around in my pocket. And what do we do with it?  

The only game I have on my phone is Scrabble, because I have a pretty intense battle going with my Nan. I try to be productive and games are a distraction but I just spend the time scrolling through Twitter instead. 

Between the doctors this morning and going to see Spectre with my family this evening (I liked it more than most) all I’ve is kill time on either my phone or my laptop. I’m so bored. Being at home is so boring compared to when I was away.

During travelling we had a different thing to be doing every day, we ate different food, saw different things in different countries. Now my days are the same unless I make them different. It’s difficult, it’s boring. It drags. 

I should’ve been writing today, but I was in such a bleh mood that I couldn’t sit and concentrate. Today just dragged. 

Until tomorrow, drag me through today. 


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