November 5th 2015 

Today, remember, remember. It’s bonfire night. Fireworks night. Guy Fawkes night. ‘The second pointless holiday in the space of a week’ night. ‘The last holiday before Christmas’ night. 

Look at the view from my room tonight. 

Okay, that’s a lie. I took that at Disneyland a week ago and I never got around to posting it by now it seems appropriate. 

It’s weird to me that we celebrate an attempt at the murder of our queen so wildly. It’s also weird to me that we celebrate the birth of a fictional character so wildly but that’s a WHOLE different story. 

I had a date with Alice today. Fireworks. 

We drove out to the countryside and had lunch in this posh restaurant and it was like being away again, except it was cheaper and it was raining. I’d grown used to the act of eating out for dinner every day, and so had my wallet. The Euro felt like Lego money and I didn’t care about spending it. 

It was a good day. Nothing spectacular happened but it was a day to remember. 

Until tomorrow, remember, remember. 


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