November 7th 2015

Today was a day of food and family. I was woken up to a fried English breakfast with both my sisters. For dinner we went out to our preferred curry house and for lunch my Grandad took me to the Harvester. 

My sisters are rarely home, they’ve both got full time lives. Ones in full time work, highflying in London with a job that’s relevant to her degree (the dream) and the other is five sixth’s of the way through a medicine degree. 

They’re not home often, and this is the first time I’ve seen them since before I went travelling. Hence the overindulgence. Mum complains when we’re all here together because of all the bickering, banter and biting (metaphorical, not physical) that goes on between us when we’re all home. But to be honest I think she loves it, suddenly the atmosphere’s different. Suddenly it’s complete, no matter how much we’re at each others throats. 

My Grandad popped up halfway through the afternoon, Grandma was away for the day and he needed help with his TV. At least that’s the story he presented upon arrival, we all knew that he just wanted to come up for the company. 

He drove me to his and I fixed his TV, he’d plugged the free view box into the DVD player, which obviously wasn’t doing anything at all useful. As payment for my hard labour (moving one cable) he took me to the harvester for my first meal out of the day. 

And it was cute as fuck, I love that bloke. 

The second meal of the day was at ‘our’ curry house. Everyone has one of those places, right? Your go to restaurant for family gatherings and birthday and events and stuff. Ours is Rafu’s. We’d not been in a while, and Rafu disappointed tonight but we’ll still go back next time anyone has a birthday or a baby or a Tuesday. 

When we’re all together it’s sometimes tense and toxic, and if you wanna contribute to the conversation then you better say it loud, or it’ll be ignored, but it’s alway funny and it’s always family. And it’s complete. 

Until tomorrow, Genine, Kirstyn, you both got a mention. Happy now? 


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