November 17th 2015

Today I had trouble concentrating on any one thing for any period of time. I picked up a book but only read five pages, I turned on my Xbox but only played one game, I listened to music but only listened to a couple of songs, I started watching a TV series but only finished one episode. 

I spent the whole day searching for the thing that I really wanted to do that day, and I didn’t find it. Everything I tried to do bored me. Usually I sit down and read a book cover to cover if it takes me 6 hours or whatever. I can sit and play video games for 6 hours. I can binge watch an entire series of a TV show back to back in one sitting. But today nothing could hold my attention. 

I was just so bored today. It’s weird for me, being back from travelling. There’s nothing to do. For three months around Europe every day I was having new adventures and seeing new things and there was always so much to do. 

Here, there’s still loads to do, it just all occurs within the four walls of my 8×18 bedroom. There’s no sense of adventure. 

Maybe I was just having an off day, but nothing interested me today. I went to the driving range with my Grandad this morning, and that was good fun, but after that my day was just so boring. I felt dizzy for a bit at golf so maybe I’m a bit ill today and that’s why I can’t concentrate. 

There was a point where because I had nothing to do I just laid on my bed. No music. No TV. No book. No phone. I just led there in the dark. And then I got bored of that so I had a nap to pass the time. 

Until tomorrow, bore off. 


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