November 18th 2015 

Today I started. Baby steps. I started working my way through the list of things I have, and want, to do. During my summer travelling Europe I recorded daily video blogs about what we were doing each day. I’d record during the day, edit in bed, and upload overnight. Well, like 2/3rds of the way through the trip I stopped editing them, because the Internet wasn’t good enough to upload, and I didn’t have enough space on my phone to hold all the videos. So I just left them on my camera to edit and upload on returning to England. 

I’ve been back in England for two weeks now, and I’ve finally started editing. By my numbers I should have 35 videos left to edit and upload, 34 really, as I’ve done one today. I hope to be able to edit and upload one every day from now on, which means my entire video diary of my interrail trip should be finished by Christmas. 

Instead of overwhelming myself by trying to fire them out one after the other, I’m going to progress gradually through it. One a day, probably. 

I’m going for a run tomorrow, too. I promise. The first one since I’ve been back. 

And then I’ll edit a video. 

And then I’ll read a bit. 

And then I’ll write a bit, maybe. 

Until tomorrow, baby steps. 


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