November 19th 2015

Today I was overrun with devices. I was trying to edit videos of my travels, but technology failed me. I couldn’t get the videos from the Camera to my computer, I don’t have a connector thingy. That ones my fault. I was originally going to put everything on my laptop and edit on there, but my laptop is crap and can’t handle downloading editing software, or even download the video from the camera wirelessly. And it won’t even turn on unless it’s plugged into the wall, which makes it less of a portable computer. 

So instead I’m going to edit the videos on my iPhone using iMovie, which will work fine. The only thing I need my computer for is to connect my phone to iTunes to be able to sync/download/transfer music to be played in the videos. And that won’t work. So I deleted and reinstalled iTunes and now it won’t download. My laptop won’t cooperate. Here’s a picture. 

(Clockwise from top left: Microsoft Surface, tablet/computer. Panasonic LUMIX, digital camera. EasyAcc, portable charger. Amazon Kindle, e-reader. Dell Laptop.)

All of that combined is my phone. Its like this old picture, and my stuff isn’t even outdated technology. 

It’s ridiculous to me that I have the entire sum of human knowledge, the pinnacle of engineering and design, and £900 worth of kit in my hands right now. 

If it had’ve had more storage space I could’ve just filmed, edited and uploaded every video from travelling all on my phone. And I would’ve done that had I not run out of storage. 

It’s annoying that the rest of my devices aren’t cooperating as well as my iPhone does. That’s not to say that my iPhone comes without trouble, because it does. The phone I have now is a new one from the one I travelled with because that ones buttons broke, didn’t charge and used battery like nuclear reactor. (I don’t know if that’s a correct and sensible simile to make)

I think the result to take from today’s struggles is that I probably need a new laptop. But do I really have room for one? I have my phone, I have a camera, I have a tablet. Personally I think I need fewer devices, not more. I just need more that work.

Until tomorrow, think different. 


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