November 24th 2015

Today, remember a week ago when I said I was gonna edit and upload a video from my interrail trip every day for a month? Well, I started that today. I finally got iTunes downloaded on my computer which meant I could get music on my phone which meant I could edit. 

So right now I’m uploading Day 48 of 72 or something, and I’ve still got a long way to go but I’m getting there. 49 and 50 just need music. 

I watched a bunch of motivational videos today, and I went to see ‘Steve Jobs’ at the cinema so I’m feeling pretty inspired. I dunno how long that will last, though. 

Anyway, I have started. I’ll tell myself that this is the start of a productive cycle, but then halfway through December I’ll say “well I may as well leave it until the New Year” and give up. That’s what’ll happen. That’s what’ll always happen. Unless I make a change, an active decisive change to be more motivated. 

I wonder if there’s a button you can press or a switch you can flick that just activates productiveness. That would be so much easier than hard work. 

Until tomorrow, motivate. 


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