November 25th 2015

Today I finally uploaded the video for day 48 of my summer interrail trip. The Day 47 video was uploaded over a month ago, and the actual day 47 that I lived in real time was almost two months ago. So it’s nice to be going back over the footage and remembering the trip. 

It’s why I did it, the videos. So I could always have that journal/documentation of the trip. Because I’ll forget, and the thing about the Internet is that it’s forever, so I’ll never lose that journal. I hope. Saying that, I did use a Taylor Swift song in one video (don’t judge, I was editing on my girlfriends phone and that was the only song she had) and she’s a stickler for copyright law, so she could take it down if she wanted to. Please don’t, Taylor. 

I get to relive my experience whenever I want, and I get to share it more fully with my family. And it basically makes it so I don’t have to answer anyone’s questions because I can just be like… Watch this video. 

It shouldn’t’ve taken me this long to get it all finished, according to my videos I’m still in Rome, whereas in reality I’ve been back in England for three weeks. 

Until tomorrow, I wish I was still in Rome. 


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