November 26th 2015

Today is the day of thanksgiving. The day of giving thanks, or something, I don’t know I’m not American. But I am going to go along with it just this once. I had the history of the holiday of thanksgiving explained to me by an American earlier and I’ve still got no idea what it means but I’m just gonna run with the giving thanks part. 

Comparatively, I live a privileged, cushty, comfortable life. So I’m thankful for that because I’ve never had to worry.

I have parents that are strict enough that it shows they care, but not so strict that I have no freedom to my own choices. I’m thankful for them because they are my support system. 

I’m in a long standing, committed relationship with my best friend. I’m thankful for her because of this…

Today I served a couple at work that made me appreciate my own relationship. I’ve served this couple before, in fact, I’ve even written about them before. They’ve come in fortnightly for years, except one time they came in, about a year ago, and the wife had lost her sight. She’s now completely blind. And now every time they come in they order the same thing, and I watch as the husband looks after her. He cuts her food for her, fills up her salad bowl with the stuff that he knows she likes. (When they come in I always put jalapeños on the salad bar because she likes them with Tortilla Chips and Salsa) he looks after her but he doesn’t pander to her. He doesn’t feed her, or put her straw in her mouth because he knows she doesn’t want babying, but there are certain things he has to do for her. She’s good about it. One time she joked when I said “I’ll see you next week”. She replied “you’ll see me but I won’t see you!” It’s nice that she recognises my voice even though she can’t see my face. 

And the thing is that seeing that couple like that, I think of my own relationship. And I know that if anything like that ever happened to me then Alice would look after me. She already does look after me, in the housewife sense, but I know that she’d cut my food up for me and she’d get me tortilla chips because I don’t like salad. And this is ridiculous but the other day I asked her to get me a sandwich from the shop and she didn’t have to ask what kind of sandwich I wanted because she knows what I like. 

I’m thankful for that. 

Until tomorrow, it’s the simple things. 


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