December 22nd 2015

Today was my Christmas with Alice. We chose this day to be the one on which we exchanged our presents. For presents this year we set a budget and a restriction that it all had to fit into a stocking. So our presents were little things mainly, makeup, nail varnish, tweezers etc, and that was just the presents for me! 

After we’d finished with our Christmas presents we finally got around to completing a present that Alice got me for Valentine’s Day. 

A scratch map. 


The idea is that you scratch off the UV ink film/layer/messy thing only on the places that you’ve visited. 

During our summer European tour we visited 13 countries, so our scratch map looked like this. 

That’s a fair chunk, to be fair. Notable absentees (the bits that aren’t scratched off) are Switzerland(we were scheduled to go there, but it’s too expensive so we decided against it), Portugal (I’ve been, but Alice hasn’t, and we decided that we’d only include places that we’d been together. (That’s why England and Wales are scratched off) also: Scotland I’ve been to, Alice hasn’t. And only I have been to Andorra, but we accidentally scratched that off because it’s so small you can barely see it on the map), Slovenia we planned to go to, but it ruined our route a bit, and anything north or east. We ticked off basically everything central apart from Switzerland, but Scandanavia, and Eastern Europe were left untouched. The unscratched areas in Eastern Europe and the north look huge in scale proportion to the parts we’ve been to, but in half as many countries. 

Soon that map will be framed and on my wall, and someday, maybe, there might be no grey left on it. 

Until tomorrow, it’ll all be blue. 


5 thoughts on “Scratch

  1. Can you please let me know where you got that scratch map? I’ve been looking everywhere for Europe in gold.


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