January 3rd 2016

Today I applied for more jobs. Four more. I really want a new job. Tomorrow is January 4th, when most people go back to work. I expect to hear back from a few of the applications tomorrow. I also find out if and when I’ll be starting the creative writing course for which I have applied. 

It’s hard for me to go into my current job and feel committed to it when I really don’t care about it anymore. I’m getting excited about getting a new job, a real job, a career, and I kinda just want it to hurry up. But it’s going to be a while. If I am successful in any of the applications that I have sent then that’s just the first stage, it could be months before I start. I’m kinda hoping it will be weeks. I’m just anxious and eager to start my career. 

And I want it to start already. 

I don’t care where I start, really. I’m not fussy. Salary isn’t as important to me, either. If I cared about the money I’d probably stay at my current job, where I make a surprisingly decent wage considering what I do. (Waiter) 

I just want a proper job now. 

A job that I wouldn’t be embarrassed of answering with when someone asks “where do you work?” A job I can be proud of, and one I can enjoy, and progress in, and be good at. 

Until tomorrow, that’s not too much to ask, right?


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