January 10th 2016

Today I finally saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens. (Which is the new Star Wars film, by the way) I saw it with my Dad. I’m a passive, not massive, Star Wars fan insofar as I enjoy the movies but don’t nerdgasm over them. I’m not really big on Sci-Fi, as a rule. And I like films that are more about the story than the effects, but Star Wars has always been special to me. And here’s why. 

My favourite memory from my childhood was reading the Star Wars books to my Dad before bed time. That tradition started with him reading them to me, but he struggled with pronunciations so we swapped. 

During the intro-scrolling-yellow-wall-of-text-scene thing today my Dad turned to me and said “you might have to read it for me” which made me laugh because he was thinking about the same thing as I was. 

I liked the film, I liked that they kept reminding you of the previous three (the so-called “good three”) but also kept the story as a standalone project. I liked that they used the Windows Movie Makers transitions between scenes like in previous films. I liked the music. I liked the comedy aspects. I liked the sexual tension between the two obviously (probably, hopefully) not-related main stars of the film, Finn and Rey. I didn’t like that Han Solo’s death was just dismissed as not important. 

I knew about that for weeks prior to watching the film (thanks, Twitter) so it wasn’t a great shock to me, nor, it seemed, was it a shock to any of the characters in the film. The Wookiee had a bit of a groan, but he does that when walking through doors. Leia looked like she had indigestion for a few seconds and then everyone forgot about Han Solo, one of the most iconic characters in modern (and notsomodern) cinema. That was annoying. 

Good film, though. 

Until tomorrow, May The Force Et Cetera.


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