January 16th 2016

Today I worked through a nightmare. You see, I have this recurring dream. About work. I have this recurring dream about work (waiter, restaurant). And in this dream this is what happens: it’s midnight. I’m still at work. Tables keep coming in. None of them understand that were closed. They all say “there’s already people here, so I can sit down too” I’m alone. I have a full restaurant. It’s 1am. People are shouting for service. It’s 2am. People are still coming in. And this dream lasts through the whole night. It’s 3am. It’s 4am. The restaurant is still full. And I can’t get away from it. 

That happened in real life today, except in real life I’m allowed to lock the doors at 10pm. But I didn’t finish until midnight. People kept coming in. I wasn’t alone; I had one other. 8pm. 9pm. 10pm. People kept coming in. Everything was a mess. I could only start doing the close down cleaning jobs after everyone had left. And by the time midnight hit I wasn’t even near to being finished. But my boss said “fuck it, I’ll finish it off in the morning” because he’d had enough, and I’d had enough. And people kept coming in. 

It’s sad that when I’m not at work I am dreaming about being at work. I’ll dream about it tonight, I guarantee it. 

And come the end of the night, tonight. I’d somehow lost a £10 note, and my cash was down, so I had to pay £10 from my own pocket. 

Until tomorrow, it wasn’t a very good shift. 


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