January 17th 2016

Today I came to the conclusion that I probably kinda sorta maybe spend too much time on Twitter. This little graphic shows that in the last week I’ve spent almost 19 total hours on Twitter. Just scrolling.  

I don’t know how accurate that is but it’s scary if true. What else could I do in 19 hours? 

  • Write 19,000 words.
  • Run 114 miles. 
  • Read 4 books. 
  • Complete a Rubik’s Cube 570 times. 

Say I sleep for 8 hours a day. In a week I’m awake for 112 hours. And of those 112 hours 19 were spent on Twitter. That’s ridiculous. Think of all the time I’ve wasted. Wasted might be a strong word. I enjoy Twitter, it’s entertainment, I learn things, it’s my main news source. I don’t watch TV, I don’t read the paper, I find out what is going on in the world through Twitter. When Alan Rickman died this week I knew before the Daily Mail did; because it was posted on Twitter. Twitter is not without its uses, there are just perhaps better uses of ones time. 

With that being said, I’m deleting my Twitter app for the next week in a bid to be more productive. If I’ve suddenly got an extra 20 hours to play with, imagine all the things I can get done! 

Also, my Mum says (and she’s probably right) that I am addicted to my phone. So maybe this will help starve that addiction, because without Twitter I don’t really need my phone. What else is there to do? 

Tomorrow my creative writing course starts, so pairing that with my tweet hiatus, I hope this will be a productive week. 

Until tomorrow, tweet tweet. 


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