January 19th 2016

Today I realised that becoming a published novellist is like really really easy. All you have to do is click-to-upload on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. It’s literally that easy. You just upload the file and choose a selling price, and you can sell your book on the Amazon store. 

I feel like that’s probably cheating in some way, but I’m probably going to do it. It skips that middle man bit that seems like hard work and lots of rejection. You have to get an editor, and an agent, and you have to find someone that wants your work by sending out a thousand (probably) query letters and get nine hundred and ninety nine (hopefully) rejection letters before anyone important even reads your book. 

But with KDP you just upload it, tag it appropriately and people can search for it on the kindle library as easily as they’d search for a hashtag on Twitter. And all it takes is an upload. I am aware of the benefits that having an agent an editor a publicist and a publisher comes with, marketing, exposure, expertise, but you also have to pay them all and I don’t have any money, so… 

I don’t expect to make any money if I publish a book directly to Kindle, you can choose to list it for whatever you want between £2.99 and £9.99, and you (me) get 59.5% of the royalties. Amazon takes 30% and the government takes 15% of just your share. So sell a book for £4.99 and you make £3, but there are no costs. Which is ideal when you remember that thing I said earlier about not having any money. 

It won’t be a sustainable way to make a career, but it’s a way to get started, to get a book out there, to have people read it. And it’s exciting, the thought of it. It won’t be any time soon, although right now I can’t think of any reason why it shouldn’t be right now. I’ll probably self-edit about 40,000 times before publishing, so expect a release date of sometime around February of next century. 

Until tomorrow, if in doubt, do it yourself. 



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