January 20th 2016

Today I had a second interview for a job for which I have applied. And also, had a phone call about an interview for a second job. 

Therein lies a problem. You see, I’m further along the process in the first job, but would rather work in the second job. But if the first job offer me the job, do I decline it in the hope that the second job also offer me the job. Do you see the issue? 

All I’ve had from the second job is a phone call that I didn’t even answer. So really all I’ve had is a voice mail. But I’d prefer that job, it involves a more creative type of content writing for a better company. But I’m nowhere near being offered the second job. But I’m close to being offered the first job, after doing well in a second interview. Do you see? Because I barely see anymore. 

So I’m at somewhat of an impasse, and I only say that because I really like that word. But I am at an impasse, as long as I correctly understand that words definition. 

So I don’t really know the next step. Actually, I do, the next step is to return the phone call in the morning and then I don’t know what the next step is. 

Until tomorrow, I guess I’ll find out… tomorrow. 


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