January 24th 2016

Today I’ve been off Twitter for a week. Last Sunday I noticed this…  

… and decided that 19 hours on Twitter in one week is an awful waste of time. So I deleted the app and tried to invest my time into more productive things, which I think I have done to some extent. I’ve read two books this week, which is already infinitely many times more books than I had read in the previous few months. 

I also made a start on my ‘homework’ for the college creative writing class I am taking, and made a start on a few articles I have in mind. 

I don’t know if I’ve been super productive, but I’ve been less unproductive. If that makes sense. See here…

I started the week off by just replacing Twitter with iPhone games, but I get dangerously addicted to iPhone games so I deleted them too. The point wasn’t to not spend time on Twitter specifically, it was to spend less time doing unproductive things on my phone. Which I think I’ve been successful at. 

I’ve spent more time watching YouTube videos than last week but that’s usually a morning/nighttime thing, which doesn’t too much affect my productivity. 

The substitution of my phone for a book has been my favourite part of this week. And I’ve not even been reading on my Kindle, I’ve been reading hardback books that have pages made out of paper and everything. I kinda wish I was reading now but my book is in my bag which is at the bottom of my bed which is SO FAR AWAY. 

All in all, I’ve enjoyed a week away from Twitter, but I’ve felt quite out of the loop. Judy Dench could’ve died (please, no!) and I wouldn’t have a clue. I mean, I could just read the paper but they’re always so badly written or I could watch the news but that’s always so depressing and who has the sorta time for that anyway? 


Until tomorrow, tweet less read more. 


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