January 28th 2016

Today I secured a second job interview. By that I mean I have a job interview for a second company. I had two interviews for the previous company. So I guess this is my third interview. Shut up James. 

The job is writing digital content (website/blogs) so last night I sent the company some examples of my experience doing that. I sent them a couple of blog posts that I am proud of and also scanned in the work I did when I had a magazine internship. They asked for a link to this blog but I thought that probably wasn’t a good idea, this is basically my diary after all. 

I had a phone call from them this morning and they said although I have no experience writing commercially, they see I have raw talent and the potential to be mounded into what they’re looking for. Talent and potential are positive words so I’m taking that to be a good thing. 

I was offered a job last week (or the week before) that I turned down. I’m more excited about being offered an interview for this job than I was at being actually offered the job for the previous one. I think that makes sense. Immediately that tells me that I made the right decision in turning down the last one, because from the start I wasn’t going to be happy with it, it didn’t excite or thrill me. This one does. 

So I’m excited. 

Until tomorrow, I should iron my suit. 


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