January 29th 2016

Today I watched the film version of the book that I read yesterday. Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity. I mean, the book is Nick Hornby’s, the film isn’t. He just sold the rights to it. 

That’s my goal, I think. 

Write a book, sell the rights to it, have a film made about it. 

Even more ideal is to have some kind of part/contribution in the production of the film. It’s a bit commercial, but isn’t that the goal of all of this? To start to make a career from it. There are a lot of books written, and a lot fewer (but still a fair amount) films made from those books. 

Selling the rights involves giving up the rights, basically. And watching High Fidelity a day after reading the book made this obvious. 

Firstly, the film is set in Chicago, the book is set in London. So that’s a pretty big change, geographically speaking. Secondly, they change the singer characters name from Marie La Salle to Marie De Salle. I’m not really sure why. 

And they changed the protagonists name from Rob Fleming to Rob Gordon, I can kinda see the idea behind that one because Fleming is a particularly surname. 

Also, a reference to Reservoir Dogs is changed to a reference to Evil Dead 2. Again, not really sure why. They kept most of the dialogue, but changed the names. Bloody Americans. 

I’m enjoying reading things by Hornby at the moment, and his transition from Novellist to film movie rights seller book man to Screenwriter is identifiable for me. So I’m aiming to read his entire bibliography (does that word work, here?) this week. 

Until tomorrow, High Fidelity done, Fever Pitch next, Blimey. 


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