January 31st 2016

Today I came down with a horrible bout of narcissism and read through my own novel, and somehow, this time, I didn’t hate it as much as I used to. Perhaps it’s because it’s been a while since my last read-through, but I actually enjoyed it and appreciated some of the betterly worded sentences (better than that last one, at least)

Of course, on every read through I find gaps and holes and things I would’ve liked to have worded differently, but this time I didn’t feel like as much of a failure as I have done so previously. 

One significant change I’m thinking of making is to the title of the novel. The title has had only one revision so far. At the beginning it was simply ‘Hero’ (the inverted commas are part of the books name) secondly it was, and currently is, “After Things Changed” (the quotation marks are to mark a quotation) and I now have a third idea in mind. I don’t really like the “things” in the title. 

Changing the books title is one of the easiest parts of editing because it doesn’t require any changing of the actual content of the novel. Just the deletion and replacement of a couple words right at the top of the very first page. 

The rest of the book needs editing properly, probably, before I submit it to Kindle Direct Publishing for uploading/publishing to the Kindle store. So to aide (I don’t know whether that should have an ‘e’ on the end, if I had an editor I could find out) in that process I have sent a copy to a few friends who have thus far not read nor fed back on the book. 

All of this is a process of finding out whether the book is any good, or not. 

Until tomorrow, I enjoyed it… Today, at least. 


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