February 9th 2016

Today I downloaded an app called ‘Been’ that allows you to track/tick-off which countries you’ve visited.

My ‘been’ map looked like this.  

My interrail trip around Europe this summer made a decent dent into Europe, but it still seems pretty untouched. I’ve been to basically every country (except the Ireland’s and the Channel Islands) in Central & Western Europe, but there’s still so much of Europe I haven’t touched. I think the furthest east I went was Budapest or Prague, whichever is most east of those two. But I’ve only done about a third of Europe. 

I still need to go North to Norway, East to Greece, west to Ireland. I’m scared of most of Eastern Europe but I’m sure it’s lovely if you go somewhere without any Russians. And that’s just Europe. 

I’ve not touched Asia, Africa, South America or Oceania (or whatever it’s called these days) I feel like I’m well travelled, but I’m not. Not really. I’ve stuck to cultures and countries similar to mine, I’ve not experienced poverty or tropics or wildlife. 

I intend to, though. Perhaps one day my been map will be a little less concentrated to Central Europe and North America and I can visit the other three quarters of the globe. 

Until tomorrow, never eat shredded wheat. 


4 thoughts on “Been

  1. Can’t attach a photo to show you mine but I’ve only see England, Wales, Spain & Greece haha. Soon to change this summer though


      1. Cheers man! Been a reader on your blog for a while now! Would be cool if you could check yours out – what’s your Twitter as I can’t find you for the life of me! I found you on Twitter though :S


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